2nd Semester 2022

This placement test (German language only) will help you find the right level.


 Level   Title   Day   Time   Teacher   Room   Where    
A1Grundstufe 1a*, int.Mo+We18.00-19.00Ms. C. GiallanzaOnline1001
A1Grundstufe 1b*, int.Tu+Th19.30-20.30Mr. A. Jeker315DWS1002
A1Grundstufe 2, int.Tu+Th18.00-19.00Mr. A. Jeker315DWS1003
A2Grundstufe 3a, int.Tu+Th18.00-19.00Ms. N. GiacomazziOnline1004
A2Grundstufe 4, int.Mo+We19.30-20.30Ms. C. GiallanzaOnline1005
B1/B2Mittelstufe 3, int.Mo+We18.00-19.00Mr. R. Gabathuler315 / Online possibleDWS1006
A1/A2Grundstufe 3b, int.Tu+Th19.30-20.30Ms. C. GiallanzaOnline1007
B2Oberstufe 1, int.Tu+Th18.00-19.00Ms. E. SchäferDWS1008
C 1Oberstufe 3, int.Tu+Th19.30-20.30Mr. M. GoldschmidtOnlineOnline1009
A1Grundstufe 1*, int.Mo+We09.00-10.00Mr. R. Gabathuler25Wepf1051
A1Grundstufe 2, int.Tu+Th09.00-10.00Mr. R. Gabathuler24Wepf1052
A1/A2Grundstufe 3, int.Tu+Th10.30-11.30Mr. M. Goldschmidt23 / Online possibleWepf1053
A2Grundstufe 4, int.Tu+Th09.00-10.00Mr. M. Goldschmidt23 / Online possibleWepf1054
B1Mittelstufe 1, int.Mo+Fr10.45-11.45Mr. M. Goldschmidt23 / Online possibleWepf1055
B1Mittelstufe 2, int.Tu+Th12.15-13.15Mr. A. Jeker16 / Online possibleWepf1056
B1/B2Mittelstufe 3, int.Tu+Th08.30-09.30Mr. A. Jeker15 / Online possibleWepf1057
B2Mittelstufe 4, int.Mo+Fr09.00-10.00Mr. M. Goldschmidt23 / Online possibleWepf1058
B2Oberstufe 1, int.Tu+Th10.00-11.00Mr. A. Jeker15 / Online possibleWepf1059
B2/C1Oberstufe 2, int.Mo+We10.00-11.00Ms. E. Schäfer11Wepf1060
B2/C1Grammatik + KonversationMo+We08.45-09.45Ms. B. KernOnline1061
A2/B1Leichte KonversationWe12.15-13.15Ms. B. Kern13 / Online possibleWepf1081
B1Mittelstufe 1We10.30-11.30Ms. B. Kern13 / Online possibleWepf1082
B2Zeitung lesen & besprechenWe07.30-08.30Ms. B. KernOnline1083
C1/C2Grammatik + KonversationWe08.15-09.15Ms. E. Schäfer11Wepf1084
C2Konv. & Lekt.Tu08.45-09.45Ms. E. Keller11Wepf1085
B2/C1Repet. Kurs Grammatik, int.Sa09.00-11.00Ms. C. GiallanzaOnline1091

 * For beginners with no previous knowledge

  E-L. = Online course