Course fees: CHF 260.– for 17 lessons (1 x per week)

Intensive courses (Int.)

Deutsch für Fremdsprachige (2 x per week):

- (Int.): 34 lessons CHF 520.– (course books not included)

Course length varies with number of participants:

– 60 minutes: 6 - 7 participants
– 75 minutes: 8 - 9 participants
– 90 minutes: 10+ participants


The final lesson length is determined after the trial period in the 3rd week of courses and is then binding for the remaining 14 weeks of the semester.


Courses with less than 6 participants are possible by special arrangement with the school.

Please pay the full course fees within 30 days after receiving your paying-in slip.

If the Covid Regulations prohiBIt teaching in our classrooms, courses will take place online to the same conditions.

Course books

Course books can be bought at any of the larger local bookshops. The books are not included in the course fees.

Applications for reductions in course fees

Unemployed persons with a valid RAV datasheet, holders of a Colour Key, those on grants, apprentices, middle school, exchange and other students, and au pairs may apply to the Office in writing for a reduction in course fees.

Deadline for applications: Saturday, January 27, 2024.