1st Semester 2023


This placement test (German language only) will help you find the right level (book used: "Con Gusto").

 Level   Title   Day   Time   Teacher   Room   Where    
A1Grundstufe 2Tu18.30-19.30Ms. C. Padilla313DWS1401
A1Grundstufe 3We19.10-20.10Ms. L. Nogales11DWS1402
A2Mittelstufe 3Th18.00-19.00Ms. L. Krannichfeldt313DWS1403
A2/B1Mittelstufe 4Tu19.30-20.30Ms. L. Nogales209DWS1404
B1Oberstufe 4Mo19.30-20.30Ms. L. Nogales209DWS1405
B2Gram. & Lect.We18.00-19.00Ms. L. Nogales11DWS1406
B1/B2Conv. Lect. & Gram.Tu18.00-19.00Ms. L. Krannichfeldt114DWS1407
B1/B2Gram. Conv. & Lect.Mo18.00-19.00Ms. F. Sanchez-Sogorb12DWS1408
B2Gram. & Lect.Mo18.00-19.00Ms. L. Nogales209DWS1409
C1Conv.Lect. & Rep.Tu19.15-20.15Ms. L. Krannichfeldt114DWS1410
B2/C1Rep. & Lect. aTu18.00-19.00Ms. L. Nogales209DWS1411
C1/C2Conv., Lect. & Gram.Tu18.00-19.00Ms. F. Sanchez-Sogorb12DWS1412
A1Grundstufe 1a*We19.15-20.15Ms. L. Krannichfeldt16Wepf1451
A1Grundstufe 1b*Fr11.00-12.00Ms. C. Padilla21Wepf1452
A1Grundstufe 2Th10.00-11.00Ms. C. Padilla22Wepf1453
A2Mittelstufe 4Th10.00-11.00Ms. L. Nogales11Wepf1454
B1Oberstufe 3Tu17.15-18.15Mr. J. Panadès16Wepf1455
B1Conv.Lect.& Gram.We10.15-11.15Ms. P. Gentsch22Wepf1456
B1Oberstufe 4We10.15-11.15Ms. A. Stillhart-González25Wepf1457
B1Conv.Lect.& Gram.We18.00-19.00Ms. L. Krannichfeldt16Wepf1458
B1Gram. & Lect.Th08.45-09.45Ms. L. Nogales11Wepf1459
B1/B2Con.Lect.& Rep.Fr09.00-10.00Ms. L. Krannichfeldt22Wepf1460
C1Conv. & Rep.Tu09.00-10.00Ms. P. Gentsch22Wepf1461
C1/C2Rep. & Lect.We12.00-13.00Ms. P. Gentsch22Wepf1462
C1/C2Conv., Lect. & Rep. aMo10.00-11.00Ms. P. Gentsch22Wepf1463
C1/C2Conv., Lect. & Rep. cWe08:45-9:45Ms. P. Gentsch22Wepf1464
A1/A2Vacaciones y Olé !We18:30-19:30Ms. F. Sanchez-SogorbOnline1491

 * For beginners with no previous knowledge