1st Semester 2023

This placement test (German language only) will help you find the right level. Please use one of the tests for the "Network" coursebook. 


 Level   Title   Day   Time   Teacher   Room   Where    
B1Mittelstufe 2Tu18.00-19.00Ms. S. Quercioli334GKG1601
C1Rep. & Conv.Th19.15-20.15Mr. A. Schenker320GKG1602
A1Grundstufe 1*We17.30-18.30Ms. U. Schweizer12Wepf1651
A1Grundstufe 1**Mo17.00-18.00Ms. U. Netzhammer21Wepf1652
A2Mittelstufe 3aTu16.00-17.00Mr. S. Lander25Wepf1653
A2Mittelstufe 3bWe19.00-20.00Ms. U. Schweizer12Wepf1654
A2/B1Mittelstufe 4Mo14.00-15.00Ms. U. Schweizer12Wepf1655
B1Oberstufe 1aTu08.45-09.45Ms. A. Keller21Wepf1656
B1Oberstufe 1bWe13.00-14.00Ms. U. Schweizer21Wepf1657
B1Oberstufe 2Tu18.00-19.00Ms. M. NiizumaOnline1658
B1Oberstufe 3aMo16.00-17.00Ms. U. Netzhammer21Wepf1659
B1/B2Oberstufe 3bMo11.45-12.45Ms. A. Keller21Wepf1660
B1/B2Oberstufe 4aWe18.30-19.30Ms. C. Snel21Wepf1661
B1/B2Oberstufe 4bMo18.15-19.15Ms. U. Netzhammer21Wepf1662
B1/B2Oberstufe 4cWe19.00-20.00Ms. M. NiizumaOnline1663
B2Oberstufe 4dTu19.00-20.00Ms. M. Niizuma15Wepf1664
B2Conversation aMo16.30-17.30Mr. S. Lander23Wepf1665
B2/C1Oberstufe & Rep.Mo13.00-14.00Ms. A. Keller21Wepf1666
C1/C2Conversation & Rep.We08.45-09.45Ms. A. Keller23Wepf1667
C1/C2ConversationTh09.30-10.30Mr. S. Lander13Wepf1668
C2Advanced Conv. aTu10.00-11.00Ms. A. Keller21Wepf1669
C2Advanced Conv. bTh08.45-09.45Ms. A. Keller25Wepf1670

* For beginners with no previous knowledge

 ** For beginners with little previous knowledge