GGG Courses under scrutiny – survey of course participants in 2011

For the second time in three years, we have carried out a qualitative survey of how course participants see the GGG Courses. The highly encouraging results from 2008 were confirmed and substantiated in 2011.

Some major criteria were very positively evaluated, almost without exception:

The teaching staff were rated as good to very good (the majority being very good).

Often without being asked, most course participants described them as committed, motivating, supportive, furthering, friendly, individually helpful, and relaxed and witty in class.

On course design and teaching methods, in particular the following were emphasised:

The professional but uncomplicated design, reference to current affairs and practice, flexibility and creativity, and, strikingly, the readiness to consider the needs of course participants as far as possible. Only a small minority (which nevertheless cannot be ignored) considered this aspect and the wider use of more modern media to be insufficient.

The very large number of native speakers among the teaching staff was particularly highly thought of.

In general, the learning climate and atmosphere in the relatively small groups received top marks.

Personal motivation and pleasure in learning without exam pressure but still highly effectively in our "somewhat different language courses" were especially emphasised. It was also evident that by far the most new course participants were gained through personal recommendation. In parallel, the current public image and the good price-quality ratio of the GGG Courses achieved great recognition.
Finally, we were especially delighted that the vast majority emphatically affirmed that they were able to meet their learning objectives in "their" language. That a great many participants stay with our courses over several levels only confirms that.

We are currently evaluating various new teaching materials, and that is a perfect opportunity to accommodate individual criticisms. The Head of the School, the Committee, and the teaching staff are always ready to consider other suggestions.

The further development of our courses and in particular the continuous training of our teaching staff are priorities for the Head and the Committee.

Finally, we would like to thank all our course participants for their overwhelming contribution to the 2011 survey. We are looking forward to working with you all further in the future!

Head and Committee of the GGG Courses, December 2011