These guiding principles are directed at teaching staff, course participants and all those interested in GGG Courses.

Our foundations

To support culture and integration in our city and region, GGG Courses have provided further education opportunities outside state schools for over 200 years. Integration and wellbeing in any culture depend on good language skills, as speaking and understanding languages ease personal contact in everyday life, aid studies and professional development, give confidence in dealing with authorities, and are a boon when travelling.

What we offer

The "somewhat different language courses of the GGG" are very inexpensive and avoid any kind of exam pressure. People can find their best course and level by trying different courses at the beginning of the semester. GGG Courses offer high quality language courses for speakers of German and other languages from beginner (A1) to high-level conversation (C2) in day and evening courses. The courses we offer range from German as a foreign language to Basel dialect to a host of modern and ancient languages. We are always ready to expand as needed for people, institutions and companies.

Our customers

Our customers are those of any age interested in languages, who do not or no longer need a diploma but who are interested in improving, refreshing, expanding, and deepening their language skills. This includes institutions and companies wishing to give their employees further training in languages.

Our teaching staff

Our teaching staff are themselves responsible for shaping their courses and guarantee a successful outcome for course participants. The course structure allows them to cater for individual needs within the framework of the learning objectives for each level. Concerted and continuous quality management guarantees the sustainable development of our courses. We provide our teaching staff with optimal working conditions and support them in their professional development.

Our learning environment

Challenging but manageable objectives in all GGG language courses stimulate learning and ethos with interactive learning in small to medium-sized groups. Proof of success lies in the sustainable linguistic achievements of participants and their delight in furthering their language abilities in a congenial learning environment, in many cases over a great number of years.

Our pricing policy

We are a non-profit institution of the GGG, and so we are able to provide language courses at particularly low prices. In keeping with the social orientation of the GGG, we respond positively to requests from those whose finances are insufficient to cover the course fees entirely; this benefits apprentices, au pairs, exchange students and those on placements.

Our future

We shall continue to provide an enriching environment with modern, high quality language courses for interested and committed learners and teachers.